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24 October 2011
Introducing SCOTT Team Voltage Photo by Viktor Strasse The Team Manager Timo Pritzel is known today as one of the most down to earth professional riders out there. He has not only built himself up to be a legend in the Dirt and Freeride scene but while many others have let fame get the better of them, he has kept a good head on his shoulders. This will be Timo’s 10th year as a SCOTT rider and with a new decade comes a new beginning. He has been doing some scouting over the last year to find some of the most promising young Freeride and Dirt riders and bring them together to join him on what will now be known as SCOTT Team Voltage. Timo plans to pass on his knowledge to the younger riders to help and support them as they build their careers as individuals and as a team. In this photo- John Alm Högman Photo by Viktor Strasse The Team – Described by Timo “So far I have chosen 3 guys to join me on the SCOTT Voltage team. The team consists of… John Alm Högman John is already an amazing dialed rider who has trained a lot with Martin Söderström and is therefore good on big Freeride bikes and dirt jumps. He is extremely fit and had what we call “training world champion syndrome”, which means that in training he would make it all look easy but when the competition starts he would get nervous and make little mistakes that cost a lot. But this is a thing from the past and he has proven in the last competitions, where he placed in the top 5, that he is ready. Xavier Pasamonte This guy is a funny crazy Spanish rider with a big heart! He is working as a coach for younger kids in Spain in his local bike park. He has an amazing level of tricks, trains with Andreu Lacondeguy, and just needs a few more events to get used to the contest pressure. He doesn’t speak much English but his riding doesn’t need translating. He is hyper-active and I hope my yoga lifestyle will slow him down a bit and help him use his energy better. Felix Rosendahl Felix is the youngster in the team but already has some big wins at competitions under his belt. Now he needs to learn how to deal with the pressure of being a pro rider and accept that he can’t win all the time. He is really motivated for the next season and I look forward to seeing where this can take him. Photo by Viktor Strasse There are also a few other SCOTT athletes who I will be coaching as part of the SCOTT Voltage B team. This team is also a mix of great riders from different countries who are hungry to make the next steps and show that they belong to Team A. I feel this is also a great way to get the young riders to learn from the older riders.” -Timo In this photo- Simon Kirchman from German Scott Team. A Different Kind of Team Timo has been competing in BMX, Dirt and Freeride for 15 years. His extensive firsthand experience in everything a young rider needs to know makes him the perfect team manager, but his insight goes even further than the obvious. Timo plans to not only teach the guys how to market themselves, communicate with sponsors and treat their fans and other riders, but also plans to also pass on his passion for the importance of health, fitness and working through injuries to maximize their performance for years to come. Photo by Viktor Strasse “The average top level rider has around 16 big events a year where they give 100%.” he explains “With this it’s normal to sustain a couple of concussions and nasty crashes a year as well as one big injury every 1-2 years. This is why I want to focus on more than just riding bikes with this team. I’ll show them how to introduce yoga, nutrition, other sports and specific doctors to their lifestyles to help them learn how to strengthen their bodies and work through injuries while they are still young so they can have long and successful careers.” Everyone is looking forward to seeing what this new kind of attitude can do for SCOTT Team Voltage. Team Video "The team met in Berlin to film a video and shoot some photos. The plan was to ride all the good trails and spots around Berlin (there are many!) and mix it with a little Yoga, but then it rained for 4 days straight! I wanted to show those sides of being a Bike Pro that are important in my eyes and in my experience anyway so we also went to my Osteopath, and to my friends Cross Fit Studio. We also did a Yoga session with my wife Julia. It went pretty good and the riders were surprised that Yoga is not just a hippy thing on a sheepskin, it's really quite a workout." - Timo