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SCOTT Athletes at the Amateur Open of Motocross

04 December 2012

The Amateur Open of Motocross was hosted by Arizona Cycle Park in Buckeye, Arizona this past week. The last big amateur event of 2012 provided for some exciting racing and once again produced championship results for SCOTT Sports. Jon Jon Ames was able to capture the win in the Supermini thru 17 class with a dual moto sweep, while sporting his 2013 SCOTT gear. Tanner Amarillas was seeing checkers through his SCOTT goggles as he brought home the win in the 85 Stk thru 11 class, while SCOTT goggle athlete Ryan Gustine was able to grab the overall win in the College 17-24 class.


 Jon Jon Ames 

Jon Jon Ames #17 SCOTT Sports Athlete

Supermini thru 17 (1-1) 1st Overall


Tanner Amarillas

Tanner Amarillas #4 SCOTT Goggle Athlete

85 Stk thru (2-1) 1st Overall

85 Open thru 17 (5-6) 5th overall

85 Mod thru 11 (2-3) 3rd Overall


Ryan Gustine

Ryan Gustine #114 SCOTT Goggle Athlete

College 17-24 (1-1) 1st Overall

4-Stroke 250cc & Below Non Pro (2-4) 3rd Overall

Full Size Open Non Pro (4-4) 4th Overall

Midsize Open Non Pro (3-3) 3rd Overall


Pierce Brown #63 SCOTT Goggle Athlete

85 Stk thru 11 (3-2) 2nd Overall

85 Open thru 17 (4-8) 6th Overall

85 Mod thru 11 (3-2) 2nd Overall


Kylee Lemmon #596 SCOTT Sports Athlete

Women Open Stk/Mod (2-2) 2nd OVerall


Carrie Ann Killebrew #80 SCOTT Sports Athlete

Women Open Stk/Mod (3-3) 3rd Overall

Girls thru 17 Stk/Mod (2-2) 2nd Overall