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SCOTT Athletes Look to Make History

17 July 2013

The last 2 weeks of July will see some of the most competitive and intense races of the summer.  All across the States, SCOTT Running athletes, clad in their favorite T2 Kinabalu trail shoes, will be competing in some of the most highly competitive and grueling races.  Ian Sharman, Joseph Gray, and Sage Canaday all look to make podium finishes, all propelling them closer to their final season goals.  Whether it is the World Team, a National or World title, these 3 men from SCOTT Running are dominating the scene, 1 race at a time.

Vermont 100

Ian Sharman

Ian Sharman on the course of the Western States 100

photo courtesy Drymax Socks

Saturday, July 20th, Ian Sharman will set out to complete his second 100 mile race this summer in the Vermont 100.  With a 4th place finish under his belt at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, and a mere 3 weeks of recovery, Ian sets out to see of what his mind and body are truly capable.  Only the second stop in his Grand Slam journey, Ian has a long rae summer ahead, but sounds confident, rested, and steady as he heads to Silver Hill Meadow, VT.  Ian anticipates a hot and humid race day; however, as 100 milers go, this may be the easiest of the 4 he has to complete.  Low in elevation, and the flattest of all the courses, Ian hopes to see himself on top of the podium--putting him in an even better position for a possible Grand Slam record.  While there are many miles for his Kinabalus to tread between Vermont and the end of his Grand Slam seeason, Ian has stayed focused on his recovery in between races, resting his legs, letting his feet heal, and continuing to wrap his head around this long journey he has embarked on.

USA Mountain Championships

Joe Gray

Joseph Gray at Mount Washington

photo courtesy Dave Dunham

On Sunday, July 21st Joseph Gray heads to the USA Mountain Championships in Cranmore, NH.  The 12k down-up course will consist of 3 laps with varied terrain.  Joseph is representing the U.S. National Team as well as competing as an individual in the North American, Caribbean, Central America (NACAC) National Championships.  This is Joseph's 12th time on the USA National Team.  Joseph has an astonishing 4 NACAC titles, marking a record as the most wins in addition to the most consecutive wins by any participating athlete.  On Sunday, armed with his Kinabalus, Joseph aims to run a strong race and take home his 5th consecutive NACAC title.  After Cranmore, Joseph will head to Europe for 7 weeks of competitions and touring, ioncluding the Thyon Dixence in the Swiss Alps, the Glacier 3000 in Gstaad, and finally (results pending) a stop in Poland for the World Championships.

Speedgoat 50k

Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday at the start of Transvulcania 2013

photo courtesy Monarch Running

Snowbird, UT is home to some of the most phenomenal skiing in the United States, but in the summer, it is home to the Speedgoat 50k.  With more than 11,000 feet of steep climbing, high elevation, and the possibility for high temperatures, the Speedgoat 50 (although "only a 50k"), is not for the faint of heart.  But Sage Canaday is not your everyday runner.  After 4 weeks of traveling around the West and Pacific Northwest training and sightseeing, Canaday feels rested and ready to tackle the challenge of the Speedgoat.  The second stop in his Ultra Skymarathon Series, Sage foresees a race that will take upwards of 5 hours due to the intense climbing and treacherous terrain, but he still has his eyes set on the podium.  After his second place finish at Transvulcania, the first stop in his Ultra Series, a strong finish at the Speedgoat will put Sage in a prime position to get a very strong, if not top 3 worldwide ranking amongst other Ultra Skymarathoners.  On Saturday, July 27, Kinabalus at the ready, Sage will have to keep his eyes on Max King and Anton Krupicka, last year's 3rd and 4th place finishers and formidable competitors.  For a runner who loves to climb, the Speedgoat 50k sounds like the perfect race.