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22 December 2011
Source from Topher Plimpton The Tom Wallisch Fantasy Feature Competition The rules are simple; use various rail options from Sun Valley Resorts extensive inventory to design a park feature that you have always wanted to see made into a reality. Submit your creative design of a rail/snow combo in the form a computer rendering, a photo of a clay model or even a drawing on a napkin to SCOTT Sports (email and address below). Tom Wallisch will then pick one lucky winners design, based on creativity and over all feasibility, to be made into a real feature in Sun Valley’s park for his X-games training session. Plus, SCOTT will cover the expenses (US Residents Only) to the get the winning designer out to Sun Valley so he/she can compete in the rail jam competition held on their winning feature, which will be judged by Tom. The Winner of the Rail Jam will receive a full head-toe (pants, coat, goggle, helmet) SCOTT get-up! Registration for Rail Jam is on-site and open to first 100 participants. Email feature designs to fantasyrail@scottusa.com Or send in your designs to: SCOTT Sports (attn. fantasy rail) P.O. Box 2030 Sun Valley, ID 83353 Designs must be submitted no later than January 4th Rail Inventory: T Box style box, 15 inches wide; all can be linked up as sister rails 15-foot long 20-foot long 30-foot long 30-foot rainbow Stock, 6-inch wide rails can all be linked up as sister rails Three 20-foot long rails Two 10-foot long rails One 15-foot long rail Traditional down box, 15 inches wide, 30 feet long Two traditional box’s 2-feet wide 20-foot 30-foot 3-inch round pipe, 20-foot long 3-inch round pipe; 12-foot flat, 6-foot down, 12-foot flat (flat-down-flat) Jibs are the following; One 15-foot tall drum barrel One 10-foot tall barrel One 4-foot tall barrel One Tire jib Three Butter boxes 8-foot x 4-foot *Available to US Residents only *Registration for Rail Jam is on-site and open to first 100 participants.