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26 November 2011
Source from freestyle.ch Last weekend the freestyle community gathered at Freestyle.ch in Zürich to see the world`s sickest riders live and in person. Riders, judges and an amazing crowd were spoiled with sunshine and some off the hook performances. International team rider Tom Wallisch swooped in at the last second on Friday morning- his bags stuffed with homework from university and high expectations. After the training session on Saturday morning, Tom impressed with his usual clean style and scored second in the Semi Finals, just behind the super tech Jossi Wells who was killing it with his switch dub cork 10 safety. Tom making the crowd happy In between studying for university, training and autograph sessions, Tom also presented his new ski model, which he developed over the last year with Scott product managers Herve Maneint and Daniel Tanzer. Daniel Tanzer about Tom`s new baby: "Tom Wallisch’s first pro model ski for 2012/13 is here! Tom’s given us additional feedback on flex and balance at the Freestyle.ch and this will let us finalize the development of the ski. The new and unique shape will be the perfect ski to bring your park and pipe skiing to the next level." On Sunday morning the riders were getting stoked by the huge number of cheering fans and stepping up to show what they had... In the jam Tom pulled out a backflip double daffy, but didn`t make it to the finals. In the end it were the Swiss locals Elias Ambühl and Kai Mahler who finished first and second. Photo: Max Hofer| Rider: Tom Wallisch Also Mat Rebeaud, one of the Scott FMX riders was on the start at the freestyle.ch. He is still recovering from his badly fractured femur from spring, but showed everyone his best during the warmup and crossover session. Between rides he held singing sessions at the SCOTT booth and threw out SCOTT FMX gear into the crowd.