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Contessa Foil reviewed by RoadBIKE

17 October 2012

RoadBIKE magazine tested and reviewed the SCOTT Contessa Foil. Here is what the editors wrote: "Some Bikes immediately put a smile on the face of the test rider. At our lady bike test, the Scott Foil was the one which made us happy. (...)

The engineers must have a strong understanding for women's bike needs because the Contessa Foil is perfectly optimized for female wishes. More than anything it was the front or “cockpit” of the bike that convinced us. The Foil was the only bike which had special reach adjustable “shims” for the brake levers. Also, the handle bar is very comfortable when both climbing and descending. Even though the Foil has clear racing characteristics, it makes the rider really feel confident and stays on track safely with lots of agility when needed.

Female racers will definitely appreciate all this! Also thanks to its balanced damping, the lightest bike in the field is also very comfortable. With all the cable routing internal, the Ultegra group works perfectly. This bike is clearly our winner! Conclusion: With the Contessa Foil, SCOTT put a real race machine in the test field. This fast bike not only ruled our road tests, but also all our lab tests. This bikes' weight and clever adjustments makes it the clear winner of this test over all the other contestants."