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SCOTT Scale 970 reviewed by MBR

16 November 2012
MBR magazine / UK reviewed the SCOTT Scale 970 (former Scale 29 Comp). Here is what the editors wrote: "The Scott Scale 29 Comp is easily the best 29er trail hardtail we’ve ridden. Either Scott has a very progressive approach to race bike geometry or it’s stretching the truth when it says
that the aluminum Comp shares the same celebrated geometry as its carbon siblings.
Given the firm’s XC race pedigree, we’d braced ourselves for a sprint up before picking our way slowly back down. We were proved wrong. At the bottom of the first slippery, singletrack descent, the Scale had us totally buzzing; our preconceived ideas about the bike lay in tatters. It’s no old-school XC race bike with flighty handling and bum-in-the-air riding position. 
Railing corners felt natural and easy, as the steering doesn’t tuck under, and even with the stock rubber there was sufficient grip to pick a line and stick to it. Capable, engaging and enjoyable too, in its absolute basic specification, the 29 Comp is the entry point to Scott’s extensive Scale range; not that you’d know to look at it. Matching graphics on the frame, components and wheels indicate a joined-up approach to design. Fun on two wheels has never been so affordable."