MTB with Ryan Condrashoff

Head out with Ryan Condrashoff for a typical day of riding his local aboard his Genius 700. #NOSHORTCUTS

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"Racing inspires people"

Q&A with Nino Schurter
Nino Schurter and SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing spend quite a decent amount of time in South Africa and California preparing for the upcoming World Cup season. The 3x World Champion talks us through his first races, impressions from overseas and his personal highlights.
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Bike season is upon us, and that means only one thing - it's time to start looking for some new gear.

Our functional bikewear, lightweight helmets, sophisticated bike shoes and excellent mountain bikes and road bikes prove that from the initial concept through to the final product, we leave nothing to chance.

Educate yourself more on our various collections by exploring the line that suits your style of riding best below. 

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Gstaad-SCOTT Welcomes Neko Mulally

For 2015, Gstaad-SCOTT bolsters its strength with the addition of Neko Mulally. Together with Brendan Fairclough, this team is ready to rumble.
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Girl's Lunch Date with Amanda Cordell

Amanda Cordell is a total ripper. Whats wrong with ditching a lunch date to go ride your Gambler?

Carbon Experts

SCOTT was one of the first brands to use Carbon Fiber extensively in its bicycle frames. From our very first Carbon frame, we have strived to improve Carbon technology, always aiming to make lighter, more robust and more durable products. Enter our factory and follow our Carbon development here.
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Paul Bass Getting Rad in Utah

Paul B, his Gambler, and some rad Utah lines. What more could you ask for? Video: iRelevant Media
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The RIse of "Vinny T"

Vincent "Vinny T" Tupin is very good at riding bikes. You'll want to watch this edit- we promise you that. 
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Wheelsize Does Matter

See what SCOTT Athletes Ride
When it comes to the experience that one gets from riding a bicycle, geometry is one of the most important factors. With this in mind, our frame design process focusses heavily on making sure that our angles are on point. SCOTT mountain bike frames are built to maximize the ultimate ratio of light weight to stiffness.
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