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16 septembre 2011

Source from www.scott-sports.com; www.triathlonmagazine.ca After taking a year off to have her first child, Sibylle Matter, formerly known as Billy, and now known as Doctor, came to Prangins because she is Swiss and this is the Swiss Championship. “I have not been training much because I work and take care of the baby. My life is very different now,” said Matter. Perhaps that difference is a prescription for success. Always a great swimmer, Matter was just 45 seconds slower than Marion Lorblanchet into T1. Then the surprise - she rode to a one minute faster mountain bike. Matter passed the 3-time winner and much younger Frenchwoman and came into T2 in the lead. Sibylle’s husband, former pro Othman Bruegger, was jumping with joy. But the lead did not last long. In the first K of the run Lorblanchet asserted her championship form and ran away from the Swiss. Behind this lead duo new Czech star Helena Erbanova was putting in the fastest bike split of the day and was a threat to the lead women as this girl can run. Lorblanchet (pictured) was having none of it and when she passed Matter she put her head down and ran away from them all. Erbanova kept getting closer to Matter and cut two minutes and 44 seconds off the Swiss but fell short by seven seconds. Yep, the difference between 2nd and 3rd was a scant seven seconds. Behind these battles, Carina Wasle was overheated and running dizzy in 4th, while Renata Bucher, who has some problems on her bike, finished just five seconds behind Wasle in a near photo finish for 4th and 5th. Prangins. XTERRA Switzerland (1.5 km, 35 km, 10 km) 1. Marion Lorblanchet (F) 2:44:37 2. Sibylle Matter (CH) +3:53 3. Helena Erbenova (CZ) +4:00 4. Carina Wasle (A) +9:33 5. Renata Bucher (CH) +9:37 Click here for more photos and for more information about this fabulous race in Prangins.

source: http://www.scott-sports.com - www.triathlonmagazine.ca